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Looking for something different for your entertainment or fundraising?

Ask us about our Race Night packages and how we can personalise the Race Night making for a truly remarkable and memorable event. We use a combination of Racing Horses (jumps and flats), trotter racing and even RACING PIGS.


What is a Race Night?

Horse Race NightA Race Night is a fun filled night of filmed racing, where your guests can bet on which animal they think may be race winners, and then if they are lucky, claim the prize money.

The night will include up to 8 races, involving either horses, trotters or PIGS. All our races feature 8 runners and are filmed at top courses, such as Ascot, Epsom, Newbury, Cheltenham, York, Chester and Doncaster, both on the flat and over the jumps.

At the beginning of each race your audience will be invited to purchase tote tickets, which clearly state the race and the runner number. The price of the tote ticket is left to your discretion, but remember, the higher the tote ticket price, the bigger the payout on each race and of course, the more profit for you.

Unique Tote Ticket System

Tote TicketWe use the ‘tote system’ to calculate the winnings, which basically means that money is collected in, a percentage is retained for funds if you require, and the remainder is paid out as winnings between the people with the winning tickets. Unlike a High Street bookmaker, odds are not offered in advance of the race, as it is not known how much money has been placed until the ‘tote’ is closed.

Selection is made from fictitious names on a race card, and horses are identified on screen by number only. All Bets are placed. The ‘tote’ is closed. A member of the audience is invited to select one of the races.

As it is a purely random selection, no-one can possibly know what race or what animal will be running. The lights are dimmed and the excitement begins as the film is shown and the horses, trotters or pigs race towards the finishing post.

When all the winners have claimed their winnings, the tote is re-opened for the next race and the fun starts all over again.

Ride That HorseThe atmosphere is electric and everybody gets involved. People really do enjoy the occasional flutter and the enthusiasm grows throughout the night. You’ll see people who have never placed a bet before becoming very involved, cheering their animal along.

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All of the North East of England and Cumbria Covered. We also trade as PP Entertainments

Customer Comments :


Many thanks. I had positive feedback from everyone. It had been a long day for some but they all seemed to get something out of it and the way you handled the prizes was great.

Many thanks

Chris Noble – Corporate Race Night, Marriott Hotel, Newcastle

Thanks for a great night. Went really well and we raised over £3k so really pleased. Thanks once again

Claire Crossling – Lockton LLP – Charity Fundraising Night. Shearers Bar, Newcastle

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