Too Expensive – We Are Only A Small Club

It is too expensive – we are only a small club

The above statement is one I often hear from people when searching for a Race Night to raise funds for a small club.

This is something I always bear in mind and have devised my Race Nights to suit all sizes of clubs, large or small. The fact is, the number of people actually attending your night has little bearing on the amount of funds you will raise!

The whole fundraising process starts from the minute my Race Night pack lands on your doorstep. There is vital information inside on how to raise money for your club and almost every Race Night I host has all of their costs covered AND are in profit before the night.

This is why I say you can hold a Race Night and have NOBODY turn up, yet still raise money for your club.

Due to competition I cannot divulge all the information publically, but have spent many hours, weeks and months (in fact it is ongoing) looking at how clubs can successfully raise money, whilst having a minimal risk factor.

As a general guide, most clubs turn up to the beginning of the Race Night having all costs covered and around £3-400 in profit (this is what occurs, but can be no way a guarantee, your effort in pre-planning is required).

I also ensure that all the work involved in this fundraising is not just left to the organiser, but all members of the club.

I host many Race Nights every year, and have done for the past 10 years, and have NEVER had a night where the club was out of pocket in any way.

When organising a fundraising night, the general thoughts are to ‘go with the cheapest’ to save money. This is a bad idea! I have heard of Race Nights organised ‘on the cheap’ where the club has actually lost money, or raised very little – in fact in one case, a parent offered to host the night for free and the club lost money (still can’t work that out).

As well as giving you fantastic pre-planning information, full support and all equipment needed, I also include quite a few ‘extras’ on the night which alone can often more than cover my fee.

The main challenge I face though is I cannot give too much away, and realise there is a huge element of trust on your part. I have sent countless hours tweaking my Race Night and to publically divulge everything I do would be suicidal to my business.

I can make one promise though – I have NEVER had any Race Night where the organiser has been disappointed in either the entertainment or the funds raised!