How Much ?

I am sure ‘How Much’ one of the most important questions you have.

As we run a service to suit your needs it is hard to give out a price without knowing a bit of information.

We will need to know things such as : Location, Approx Numbers of People, Type of Event i.e. Charity, Corporate, Birthday etc. to give a definite quote. Rest assured though, you will find our Race Night charges very reasonable for the service provided.

A couple of points before looking at costs and something I urge you to consider because when booking a Race Night with myself you will receive:

  1. A comprehensive step by step guide to preparations for your Race Night.
  2. All staff required on the night (including tote desk operators)
  3. Variety of races including horses (jumps and flat), Dogs, Trotters and RACING PIGS.
  4. A professional compere on the evening who will ensure the smooth running of the event and also ‘encourage’ people to join in.
  5. Systems which enables you to raise money to cover all your costs (including my fee) BEFORE the night has even started.
  6. We do not take a percentage of your profits – only our fixed fee.
  7. All equipment is of professional quality and fully PAT (Portable Appliance Testing). A requirement for most venues. We also have full PLI (Public Liability Insurance) in place.
  8. All ages welcome – even kids can join in.
  9. Other fundraising games as appropriate / time allows

If you are not looking to raise funds from your Race Night I can also provide ‘fun money’ should you wish with a prize for the one with the most money at the end.

We DO NOT take any cut of the profits made. We Charge a flat fee. Beware of this if searching for quotes.

We also provide ALL staffing to run the race night, leaving you free to enjoy the evening.

I have 2 set times for Race Nights which are:

12pm – 4pm

7pm – 11pm

Though these timings can be very flexible depending on other bookings we have.

Why not contact me for more information and a free quotation