IMPORTANT – This is just a little Race Night Information guide, any race night booked with ourselves, will automatically receive our unique Race Night Guide. This guide has been produced by ourselves and is constantly updated. The guide contains a timetable to your preparations and some great tips to ensure a profitable and entertaining night follows.

All the Race Night Information you should need is contained in our Race Night Pack which we post out once booked, however help is only a phone call or email away !

A race night is an excellent form of entertainment which can be used to raise funds for any organisation. The basis of a race night is to use randomly selected high quality DVD races which people are invited to place bets on the winner.

Other betting methods can also be used and will be discussed in more detail once booked. Although it may at first appear slightly daunting let me assure you that it is very simple indeed for you to hold a successful race night.

What do I need to do prior to the race night?

A really successful race night can depend upon the efforts put in before the actual night. Not much of your time is required and methods are very simple. More details are sent out with the full race night pack.

Premier Race Nights have a system which can be used to cover ALL your costs and give a really good cash prize for the winner. This is sold BEFORE the event ensuring the event costs are covered so anything raised on the night purely goes to your organisation.

Other attractions i.e. bingo (we can supply a bingo simulator), quizzes (again can be supplied), raffles, disco, entry charge etc. canĀ  all be used to help maximise funds raised.

What will the comperes do on the night?

Our main aim is to ensure everyone has an enjoyable evening and funds are raised for your charity. We have compered many events so are prepared for the unexpected should anything arise. The comperes will set up all the equipment, aid in any selling (should the need arise), take bets, run the races, run an auction race (details in the full pack) and produce a cash sheet at the end of the event for you to take away. Any announcements that need made, for example a raffle, will be made and use of our PA system is available for yourself.

The actual list of what the comperes will do is endless. As mentioned the comperes WILL ensure everything possible is done to deliver a successful race night.

As mentioned this is a brief Race Night Information summary. Any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me anytime. Telephone or e-mail support is maintained throughout your preparations for any questions you may have.

Please note: The price quoted is your Final price. We do not take any of your profits made on the night.


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