Pub and Club Race Night

Race Nights in Pubs and Clubs.

I am always amazed at how many Pubs and Clubs say that the entertainment costs they have are too high, yet very few think about holding a Race Night.

With a Race Night you can deduct any fee for the entertainment from takings, still leaving a healthy amount to be paid to your chosen charity, which in turn will give you extra brownie points. By law, a business cannot profit from holding a Race Night so I would never encourage this, however you CAN cover your costs from the profits and give to your chosen charity at the same time.

Horse Race NightDue to the information I provide when booking a Race Night, you should be able to cover any costs BEFORE the night has even started – yes, in a way – you get FREE Entertainment for your night. High numbers are not needed either, if your Pub or Club can hold 30+ people, that is enough.

I cannot divulge too much information in public, due to competitor’s eager to get their hands on my information, so there is a bit of trust I understand – however with very little work a Pub or Club can easily hold a great, fun and cheap night.

Race Nights are boring – yes, I agree, watching Racing on the TV is not my idea of fun, however a Race Night is totally different, the atmosphere electric and people of ALL AGES can join in.

Contact me for further information and I can explain how you can make money from a Race Night, or alternatively here are a few figures for you to look at:

What can I make off holding a Race Night

Not only will you cover your costs, but at most Race Nights I hold, bar takings far exceed expectations too – an added bonus!

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