Presentation Night Package


Horse Race NightIt comes round but once a year. It is lovely to be able to hold a presentation night for your club, whether it be football, rugby, dancing, karate etc. However the costs of holding such an event can often be very daunting and decisions have to be made on what budget can be allowed for such an event. You want to give your club, or group, ‘the best’ because they are worth it, however finances often dictate what you can offer.

Why not raise the money required to hold your event, during your event, whilst also providing top quality professional entertainment at the same time ???

We have devised a package which can deliver this :

  •  A Race Night consisting of 6 races
  • Use of a professional PA system for presenting your trophies
  • The use of ambient lighting to enhance your presentation
  • A professional compere to assist with proceedings throughout the evening
  • A disco with lighting to round off your evenings entertainment.

But how will this pay for itself ???

We are not saying it is easy, but it is perfectly feasible with pre-planning and effort to raise enough funds from the Race Night to cover your costs for the evening, infact it is possible to raise all necessary funds BEFORE the evening and bring in some extra, much needed, funds for your club or group.

Generally speaking when a presentation night comes around a club will look around for a disco to provide the entertainment. A lot of the time the presentation is undertaken and a disco used for the whole nights entertainment, often resulting in many people leaving early. We are quite aware it is possible to book a budget disco, however these funds still have to be provided for. With our package you can raise the money to pay for the whole evening through the race night. Even junior clubs can benefit from this as we welcome children at our race nights, and they can even participate themselves.

A great way to fund and hold your Presentation Night.

Just to clarify we provide :

  • A six race, race night
  • Free information pack to raising necessary funds before the evening
  • Professional compere throughout the evening
  • All necessary sound and lighting equipment
  • Top quality professional disco

We can offer all this from an amazing £350, but don’t forget this fee can be raised prior to your presentation night. We only ever charge a fixed fee, so any additional funds raised are yours to go into your club funds.

We also have many add-ons we can provide eg large screen dvd projection (perhaps your best match or ‘goal of the season), karaoke, photography etc.

Simply Contact Me for more information.

Disclaimer : We cannot make any guarantees on the amounts of monies which will be raised.