Afternoon Race Event – Race Night

One of my Race Nights this weekend has been an afternoon Race Event for a local kids football club. The reason behind holding it in an afternoon was because the club hold an annual Race Night for fundraising, but the kids had heard so much about what a fantastic fun night it is, they wanted one they could attend too. The venue and parents were not too keen on having kids attend an evening Race Night – hence it was held during the day.

The weather was damp, cold and miserable outside but inside was lovely, warm and very very noisy. In fact, the venue thought it must have been the noisiest event held there.

The onus on the event was to be a fun afternoon for the kids and parents, with fundraising less of a priority, however at the end of the afternoon over £600 had been raised which exceeded expectations.

Fun and games were included throughout the afternoon and a disco to finish off at the end which both kids and parents joined in with.

I would never recommend holding an Afternoon Race Event in the summer as obviously on a scorching hot day (wishful thinking) people are unlikely to attend, but during the colder months Race Event during the day is great fun and enjoyed by all.

An afternoon Race Event still comes with all the services that my great Race Nights do too.

Why not consider holding an Afternoon Race Event – even with the intent on it being a more sociable and team-building event rather than purely focused on fundraising?