Corporate Race Night

How about a Corporate Race Night ?

Race Nights are not only great fundraising events, but are also a fantastic corporate event. In the past I have provided Race Event for store launches, product awareness, team building or just a relaxing evening after a long day of meetings and conferences.

I can supply my own ‘fun money’ so participants do not need to dig into their own pockets and quite often the atmosphere is electric, even though they are playing with pretend money.

The event can also be tailored towards a new product or store launch. Bespoke race cards and even horses names can be used, logos displayed on the large projector screen in between races etc. Each event I do can be tailored to your requirements.

Tote TicketThere is nothing better in a team building exercise than a bit of competition. Divide everyone up into teams, give them some fun money to spend and let the competing begin. Even though a Race Event is all pure chance and luck, you will be surprised at some of the ‘tactics’ teams come up with to try and ensure they are champions.

And the main benefit …… it is FUN and very light hearted.

Simply contact me for more information.

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