Too Expensive – We Are Only A Small Club

It is too expensive – we are only a small club

The above statement is one I often hear from people when searching for a Race Night to raise funds for a small club.

This is something I always bear in mind and have devised my Race Nights to suit all sizes of clubs, large or small. The fact is, the number of people actually attending your night has little bearing on the amount of funds you will raise!

The whole fundraising process starts from the minute my Race Night pack lands on your doorstep. There is vital information inside on how to raise money for your club and almost every Race Night I host has all of their costs covered AND are in profit before the night.

This is why I say you can hold a Race Night and have NOBODY turn up, yet still raise money for your club.

Due to competition I cannot divulge all the information publically, but have spent many hours, weeks and months (in fact it is ongoing) looking at how clubs can successfully raise money, whilst having a minimal risk factor.

As a general guide, most clubs turn up to the beginning of the Race Night having all costs covered and around £3-400 in profit (this is what occurs, but can be no way a guarantee, your effort in pre-planning is required).

I also ensure that all the work involved in this fundraising is not just left to the organiser, but all members of the club.

I host many Race Nights every year, and have done for the past 10 years, and have NEVER had a night where the club was out of pocket in any way.

When organising a fundraising night, the general thoughts are to ‘go with the cheapest’ to save money. This is a bad idea! I have heard of Race Nights organised ‘on the cheap’ where the club has actually lost money, or raised very little – in fact in one case, a parent offered to host the night for free and the club lost money (still can’t work that out).

As well as giving you fantastic pre-planning information, full support and all equipment needed, I also include quite a few ‘extras’ on the night which alone can often more than cover my fee.

The main challenge I face though is I cannot give too much away, and realise there is a huge element of trust on your part. I have sent countless hours tweaking my Race Night and to publically divulge everything I do would be suicidal to my business.

I can make one promise though – I have NEVER had any Race Night where the organiser has been disappointed in either the entertainment or the funds raised!

School Race Nights

Last Friday saw me hosting a Race Night for a School Sixth Form Expedition Fundraising in Sunderland. This was the third time in a year they have booked a Race Night with me and I will admit even I was a little apprehensive at holding so many fundraising events so close together.

However, those worries vanished as even before the start time the room was already nearly full. I would imagine 80% or more had attended the previous nights but still came along not only to help raise funds but also because they knew it would be a great night.

I won’t describe the whole night but will say it was fantastic and the funds raised surpassed the target set yet again. We had a few games, the races, raffle and tombola.

The reason for this blog is that I am always amazed that more schools do not hold Race Nights to raise funds for the expeditions, or other causes. The room hire was free, beacuase it was held in the school hall, people bought their own drink and kids are allowed to attend so it was a stress free night too.

The main reason no doubt is that many schools etc already have the equipment there and often a parent or member of staff will try and run a Race Night for them. I always use the example that I have a load of bricks, but I can’t uild a house.

More often than not when volunteers run a night it becomes a shambles, people do not enjoy themselves and the outcome is the funds raised do not meet their aims.

Do not forget, with me you are not just booking a Race Night, you are booking my 10 years of experience hosting 100’s of successful Race Nights too.

Presentation Awards Race Night

Presentation Night Race Night

Saturday saw me providing the entertainments for another Presentation / Awards night, this time for York Autograss Club.

This wasn’t a Race Night, but a disco, however reminded me about how successful Race Night Presentation and Awards nights are – especially when it comes to the finances.

Presentation Awards Night

Saturdays night was held in a 4 star hotel with a three-course sit down meal etc, something which isn’t too appealing to most smaller clubs, especially the likes of kids football clubs, especially due to the costs involved.

I have mentioned costs a few times now and that is where my Race Nights can REALLY help out. I do many Presentation Race Nights throughout the year and they are ideal, especially if finances are a big concern. I always say for a great Race Night you do not need a fancy expensive venue.

Holding a Race Night as well as your Awards means you don’t need any other entertainments at all. The Race Night provides the entertainment BUT also raises money to pay for your night. A lot of Awards nights use a Race Night to purely cover all costs – in essence a FREE Presentation Night.

I normally advice using only 6 races instead of 8 to allow enough time and as well as simply hosting the Race Night I can compere your evening and also allow use of my PA system and wireless microphones to make any announcements or speeches.

It truly is a great event, no hassle, cost efficient, a night to remember and most of all can work out really cheap for you !

Presentation Night Package

Corporate Race Night

How about a Corporate Race Night ?

Race Nights are not only great fundraising events, but are also a fantastic corporate event. In the past I have provided Race Event for store launches, product awareness, team building or just a relaxing evening after a long day of meetings and conferences.

I can supply my own ‘fun money’ so participants do not need to dig into their own pockets and quite often the atmosphere is electric, even though they are playing with pretend money.

The event can also be tailored towards a new product or store launch. Bespoke race cards and even horses names can be used, logos displayed on the large projector screen in between races etc. Each event I do can be tailored to your requirements.

Tote TicketThere is nothing better in a team building exercise than a bit of competition. Divide everyone up into teams, give them some fun money to spend and let the competing begin. Even though a Race Event is all pure chance and luck, you will be surprised at some of the ‘tactics’ teams come up with to try and ensure they are champions.

And the main benefit …… it is FUN and very light hearted.

Simply contact me for more information.

New Website and Availability Checker

Well, my new revamped website is now live and working !

It doesn’t look much different but is brought up to date and gives me a lot more control and also the ability to add fantastic new features which I hope you will benefit from.

I will be updating, and adding things, in the upcoming months BUT one great new feature is my Availability Checker so you can see when I am free to hopefully make arranging your event that little bit easier.

If anyone has comments, or ideas for my website please let me know.