Corporate Race Night

How about a Corporate Race Night ?

Race Nights are not only great fundraising events, but are also a fantastic corporate event. In the past I have provided Race Event for store launches, product awareness, team building or just a relaxing evening after a long day of meetings and conferences.

I can supply my own ‘fun money’ so participants do not need to dig into their own pockets and quite often the atmosphere is electric, even though they are playing with pretend money.

The event can also be tailored towards a new product or store launch. Bespoke race cards and even horses names can be used, logos displayed on the large projector screen in between races etc. Each event I do can be tailored to your requirements.

Tote TicketThere is nothing better in a team building exercise than a bit of competition. Divide everyone up into teams, give them some fun money to spend and let the competing begin. Even though a Race Event is all pure chance and luck, you will be surprised at some of the ‘tactics’ teams come up with to try and ensure they are champions.

And the main benefit …… it is FUN and very light hearted.

Simply contact me for more information.

Reasons People will NOT Book a Race Night

Reasons Why People Will NOT Book a Race Night

I get many enquiries where the person enquiring decides NOT to go ahead with holding and booking a Race Night, usually due to being unsure of the risks involved. I openly admit there are risks BUT with the right planning you can normally avoid this. There are a few occasions where I can tell the night will not be successful (very few) and I always tell people if I feel this way.

So, I am going to try and help alleviate some of those worries, using examples below of what feedback I get. This is only a few reasons and I will follow up in future blogs.

We are just a small (football, rugby etc) club

Quite often people think they need a huge amount of people attending a Race Night for it to be successful. This is NOT the case.

I have ran Race Nights before with 30 people or less and they have raised over £1000 after all the costs have been deducted. Consequently I have held Race Nights with over 100 people who have raised a minimal amount of money.
With the planning tools and advice I give you can cover costs BEFORE the night, with this money even coming from people NOT attending the actual Race Night.

In fact you can run a Race Night, have nobody attending at all, and still make profit. Unfortunately due to competition I cannot divulge exactly how, but my Race Night Pack contains all this information and is sent as soon as a booking is made and deposit received.

We are unsure about holding a Gambling Event

First and foremost, a Race Night is NOT classed as a gambling event, so no licences etc are needed. A Race Night is similar to a lottery as there are no odds or form guides, everything is total luck.

There are numerous other stipulations that need to be adhered to, but I won’t bore you with all the details as I ensure I meet all requirements with my service.


Venue costs make it quite an expensive night

I always encourage people to hold Race Nights in the likes of Workingmens Clubs, Sports Halls, Church Halls, Schools etc where the hire fee is minimal or even free. You do not need spend money on a fancy venue or room decorations to hold a successful Race Night. Although a lot of higher profile companies like to, it will not benefit your fundraising.


I do not think we will get the support

Yes, it does happen, unfortunately quite frequently, but always when a company or club are holding their first Race Night. I have held many Race Nights where not many people have turned up, however it is such a great night they tell family, friends, other club members and a second Race Night is hugely successful and very well attended.

A lot of people are still very unsure what a Race Night is or have maybe attended other charity event where it is constantly give, give, give with money. My main aim with a Race Night is to provide a great nights entertainment, the money comes naturally if people are enjoying themselves.


Your Fee is a bit high for us – someone can do it cheaper/free

Firstly I would like to say I have NEVER had a Race Night where people have thought afterwards it was too expensive and NEVER had a Race Night where my fee and other costs have not been covered (with exception of Race Nights purely booked for entertainment not fundraising).

I go on a lot about my Race Night pack, which I make no apologies for, as this pack ensures you will not be left out of pocket – read above too. My Race Night pack is invaluable and something I have to try and keep as secret as possible as many of my competitors do try to get a copy. I update things regularly too to keep one step ahead.

I openly admit you will get people offering to host your Race Night cheaper than me, however my costs are kept as low as possible. Conversley I have heard about people offering to host Race Nights for free, then at the end of the night have very little profit and people not enjoying themselves – I have even heard of one where somebody offered to host the night for FREE yet the club made a loss (never have worked that one out).


I have never held a Race Night before.

Quite simply, the way I run my nights I base it on the person looking to book as having no knowledge whatsoever about a Race Night. I don’t want to offend people but this approach makes planning your night a breeze. Yet again I have to mention my Race Night pack which really does take you by the hand and take you through everything step by step.

On top of this, if you are stuck I am only a phone call or email away. This is my full time occupation so am avaiable anytime (apart from when actually hosting a night) to answer any queries you have. I always encourage people to contact me with any concerns, no matter how small or trivial they think they are – in fact I prefer people to contact me rather than just plough through and get concerned if people holding their first night do not contact me with any concerns.


As mentioned in the beginning the above are just a few reasons people are put off holding a Race Night, more to follow …………………



How Much Money can I Raise from holding a Race Night

What can I make off holding a Race Night ?

Let’s have a look at potentially how much money you can raise from holding a Race Night.

IMPORTANT : The information below is for guidance. It is in no way a guarantee or implication of what you will raise. Premier Race Nights in no way guarantee the amounts of money that will be raised.

The example below is based on 8 Races, 60 people attending on the night, everyone joins in the games and places 1 bet per race (a lot place more than one bet) and donated prizes given out where possible instead of cash. All guidance as to fundraising methods is explained in detail in the Race Night Pack which is posted to you once the booking is made and deposit received.

The information contained is based on ourselves being booked for the night. Many race night operators do not include such a comprehensive package.

Entry Fee – Based on £3 per person  £180

Tri-Cast                                                   £336

Owners Card                                            £112

Game 1                                                      £60

Game 2                                                     £60

Betting                                                     £240

Auction Race (average)                         £150


Total                                                 £1138

Minus our fee of £245                          £893

(why not get a company to sponsor the night to cover our fee ?)

This does not include any raffle, tombola, other auctions you may hold.

If your unsure, please do contact me as I am always open and honest, if I think you will be wasting your time and money – I WILL tell you.

New Website and Availability Checker

Well, my new revamped website is now live and working !

It doesn’t look much different but is brought up to date and gives me a lot more control and also the ability to add fantastic new features which I hope you will benefit from.

I will be updating, and adding things, in the upcoming months BUT one great new feature is my Availability Checker so you can see when I am free to hopefully make arranging your event that little bit easier.

If anyone has comments, or ideas for my website please let me know.