How Much Money can I Raise from holding a Race Night

What can I make off holding a Race Night ?

Let’s have a look at potentially how much money you can raise from holding a Race Night.

IMPORTANT : The information below is for guidance. It is in no way a guarantee or implication of what you will raise. Premier Race Nights in no way guarantee the amounts of money that will be raised.

The example below is based on 8 Races, 60 people attending on the night, everyone joins in the games and places 1 bet per race (a lot place more than one bet) and donated prizes given out where possible instead of cash. All guidance as to fundraising methods is explained in detail in the Race Night Pack which is posted to you once the booking is made and deposit received.

The information contained is based on ourselves being booked for the night. Many race night operators do not include such a comprehensive package.

Entry Fee – Based on £3 per person  £180

Tri-Cast                                                   £336

Owners Card                                            £112

Game 1                                                      £60

Game 2                                                     £60

Betting                                                     £240

Auction Race (average)                         £150


Total                                                 £1138

Minus our fee of £245                          £893

(why not get a company to sponsor the night to cover our fee ?)

This does not include any raffle, tombola, other auctions you may hold.

If your unsure, please do contact me as I am always open and honest, if I think you will be wasting your time and money – I WILL tell you.

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