School Race Nights

Last Friday saw me hosting a Race Night for a School Sixth Form Expedition Fundraising in Sunderland. This was the third time in a year they have booked a Race Night with me and I will admit even I was a little apprehensive at holding so many fundraising events so close together.

However, those worries vanished as even before the start time the room was already nearly full. I would imagine 80% or more had attended the previous nights but still came along not only to help raise funds but also because they knew it would be a great night.

I won’t describe the whole night but will say it was fantastic and the funds raised surpassed the target set yet again. We had a few games, the races, raffle and tombola.

The reason for this blog is that I am always amazed that more schools do not hold Race Nights to raise funds for the expeditions, or other causes. The room hire was free, beacuase it was held in the school hall, people bought their own drink and kids are allowed to attend so it was a stress free night too.

The main reason no doubt is that many schools etc already have the equipment there and often a parent or member of staff will try and run a Race Night for them. I always use the example that I have a load of bricks, but I can’t uild a house.

More often than not when volunteers run a night it becomes a shambles, people do not enjoy themselves and the outcome is the funds raised do not meet their aims.

Do not forget, with me you are not just booking a Race Night, you are booking my 10 years of experience hosting 100’s of successful Race Nights too.